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Oct. 13th, 2006 @ 06:53 pm Bored
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Holly McNarland - Beautiful Blue
Well, I didn't go to class today, which was probably a bad idea because I haven't gone in awhile, and my prof said that these next few lectures are important. But seriously, it's soo fucking cold outside! Plus, I forgot about class and picked up a shift at Sparty's @ 4, so by the time I got out of class and found the right bus to get back home, I would have been late. So yea, whatever, I'll just get the notes from someone on Monday.

After work, me and Amy C, and maybe Amy R are going to the movies. Since it's Friday the 13th, we either wanna see the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie or the Grudge 2. Heh, both look kinda stupid, but in good Friday the 13th tradition, it must be done.

Annnnd tomorrow, I'm not going to the Ohio State game, I'm going home for the day instead. The main reason is that my dog is sick, my mom thinks she went blind, plus she's already deaf, and my mom is taking her to the vet today. I miss them anyway, so it's nothing major, just a one day trip home to see them. Plus, tomorrow is gonna be cold and Ohio State is just going to kick our ass so I think I'll pass on pneumonia.

I don't think Cedar Point is gonna go down this weekend either because of the crappy weather. But we'll see. Saturday with Lindz probably won't pan out but maybe Sunday with Lee will. I miss him....=(

Other than that, don't have too much more to talk about. I think I'll go watch some tv. Cya later kids.

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