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Oct. 27th, 2006 @ 12:43 pm Boo Exams, Yay Beer Pong!
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Nelly Furtado - Maneater
So last night was crazy! Everyone went out because it is the start of the Halloween weekend, but I couldn't go out because I have an exam today. (which I should be studying for, but I'm not) There were a couple people on the floor who couldn't go out or didn't want to, so we came up with a plan. Study for an hour and then relax and have a few drinks, and ya know, just chill out. HAH. I ended up going to Luke's room and read a little bit in there, and Jackie came in and hung out with us. Then we started drinking. THe overall study time ended up being only like 15 minutes max. So we were drinking and I made the comment that I wanted to play beer pong. Oh yes, we played beer pong. Luke and the guys have a table in their room, and we took some chairs from the study lounge, and took some random cups from people and started playing. I don't know how many games I actually played, nor do I know how much beer I actually drank, but I do know I ended up in a different shirt, missing a shit load of beer, and with Luke's pillow in my room...haha, I stole it. It was fun, I love those people. So me, Jackie, Luke, and Dan played for a few, and then Ajay and Justin came back and they played a few games too. I didn't get to sleep til about 5 this morning. So much for "having a few drinks and relaxing" huh? Hahahahahaha, good times.

On a bad note, Tigers lost last night. Very sad, not a big baseball fan, but I still want them to win.

Other than that, going home this weekend cause I have some meetings to go to, and then when I come back, it's time for the talk from hell......:/

But yea I should really study now, because I need to do well on this test!! Cya.

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